Polish institutions and organizations abroad: political, social and educational organizations, associations, clubs, foundations, churches, etc., operating outside Poland in the course of their activity, produce and collect documentation that constitutes archival materials.

They may be transferred to the State Archives in Poland, especially in the case of:

  • permanent cessation of activity by such an organization or institution and the lack of a legal heir;
  • also a still operating Polish institution or organization can decide about the transfer of its archival materials to the State Archives. Then it concludes an appropriate agreement with the director of this archive. Archival materials may then be transferred to the State Archives “on property” or in deposit.

If you are an employee of a Polish organization or institution abroad, you can count on our help. You will learn how to organize the archive yourself, how to describe it, perform minor conservation procedures and make good quality digital copies of documents.

For over 20 years, the Polish State Archives have been helping to secure archival heritage in over 20 Polish institutions abroad. Our experts organize archival collections, digitize them, perform conservation reviews and prepare expert opinions on the state of preservation of files.

Together with us, you can protect the priceless sources of Polish identity preserved around the world. Please contact us.