Welcome to the website of the Polish State Archives!

Who we are?

The General Director of State Archives supervises the network of
State Archives in Poland and the national archival resource.

We have been operating as a network since 1919. Currently, it consists of three archives of a central nature in the capital city of Warsaw, 30 regional archives and 39 subordinate regional divisions.

Our oldest archive has been in operation continuously for over 200 years. The oldest documents we collect come from the 12th century, the newest – from the mid-21st century.

What we do?

We collect, store, secure and share historical sources. Our mission is to permanently preserve the testimonies of the past and ensure universal access to them.

We proudly draw from the past, and at the same time we follow the spirit
of the times and look boldly in the future.

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State Archives Head Office

Rakowiecka 2D, 02-517 Warsaw
(22) 56 54 600
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Opening hours:

Monday – Friday

You will learn more about us at the end of the year from the
English version of this website – we are working on it intensively.

See you soon!