Archives Portal Europe

Archives Portal Europe offers access to information about archival materials stored by the archival institutions of various European countries. It offers more than 290 million descriptions of archival units and in excess of 200 million scans from more than 7100 archives and archival institutions across 30 European and non-European countries. The information available there relates to archival materials ranging from the Middle Ages to modern times. It makes it possible to research the history of the European continent while taking into account its national, cultural and religious diversity.

The Archives Portal Europe website itself was created between 2009 and 2015 as part of two international programs, APENET and APEX, both of which were funded by the European Union. The State Archives were actively involved in the creation of the website, providing more than 3 million descriptions and more than 1.5 million digital archival units from 24 archives. These materials make us the fifth-largest contributor with regard to quantity out of the more than 30 European project partners.