Libraries operate on the premises of every State Archive and The State Archives Head Office, where their extensive collections of books complement our archival holdings.

State Archives Libraries

State Archives libraries store publications which are chronologically or thematically related to that archive’s holdings.

These are primarily publications on:

  • history, with a special focus on regional history,
  • archival science and the auxiliary sciences of history,
  • law,
  • administration.

The modern book collections of the State Archives are complemented by our historical collections. The oldest of our books originate from the 15th century.

Online catalog of library collections

You can browse the collections of State Archives libraries and the Central Archival Library using the OPAC catalog.

The collections of State Archives libraries are available to anyone on-site in the libraries themselves or in the records reading room of a given State Archives.

Central Archival Library

The Central Archival Library is the library of The State Archives Head Office. Its unique collection of Polish and foreign publications on archival science and the auxiliary sciences of history is the largest of its kind in Poland. The library also collects publications issued by the State Archives.

The collections of the Central Archival Library are available on-site in the The State Archives Head Office. We are open from Monday to Friday, between 8:15 AM and 4:15 PM.

You can also contact us via email at or by calling one of the following telephone numbers: 22 56-53-600, 22 56-54-663.