Supporting Archival Activities

‘Supporting Archival Activities’ is a government program run by the State Archives since 2016 using funds provided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. As part of the program, we help to rescue archival materials found in various parts of Poland.

The goal is to award the best projects aimed at processing, sharing and preserving archival materials from registered non-state holdings (materials which are not stored by the State Archives). We grant our subsidies to such organizations as foundations, associations, as well as churches and other religious and institutions.

The total value of the historical sources saved as a result is impossible to calculate. We have helped conserve books and parchment documents from hundreds of years ago, as well as assisting in the processing of collections dating back only decades, but which had never been publicly available, and which can now be accessed by anyone with a desire to do so. ‘Supporting Archival Activities’ helps us make new, previously unknown or inaccessible knowledge about our past available to historical analysis. Now the archival materials of the institutions we have helped are available online for anyone interested.