State Archive in Warsaw

Panorama Warszawy.

The new seat of the State Archive in Warsaw will be at 23 Ordona Street.

The first stage of the work is the demolition of vacant buildings on the plot, as well as carrying out geotechnical and geochemical tests on the property.

During the second stage, a modern facility will be built on a plot of 0.9464 hectares to enable the safe storage of the archives.

The Archive is currently located at Krzywe Koło 7 Street in Warsaw. The historic building delights residents and visitors to the Old Town, but unfortunately no longer meets all the standards associated with the archive’s statutory activities.

A space for archives and users

The total usable area of the new Archive building will be around 30,000 m². Repositories will occupy around 19,000 m², while the remaining 11,000 m² will house a modern reading room with a view of the capital, exhibition and conference rooms and modern conservation laboratories.

Some rooms in the building will also be made available for the Central Archives of Historical Records and repositories for the National Digital Archives. 

Security and comfort of use

The building’s repository space will be a backup for the acquisition of archival materials in the perspective of several decades.

Repositories of the new facility will also be equipped with special shelves for materials other than paper (electronic documents, photographs, sound recordings), as well as installations to maintain proper storage conditions for the archives, in accordance with current standards.

There will also be a room at 23 Ordona Street to allocate the library holdings from three archives and a reading room available to users.

Properly designed rooms with more space will increase the comfort for staff and visitors to the Archive.

The new building will include a conference hall for 250 people, as well as an exhibition and educational space in the open space around the archive with an offer for local residents.

There are also plans to prepare a professional server room with modern equipment.  Above all, the room will increase the security of the digital data stored on the servers and enable new IT solutions to be introduced to enhance the comfort and quality of the Archive’s work.

The new building will also be adapted from scratch to visitors with special needs.

Thanks to the use of technologies in the building that allow for economical use of electricity, heat and water, as well as the use of renewable energy sources (solar, geothermal energy), the new Archive head office will be environmentally friendly.