State Archives in Radom

The Radom archive was originally built in 1920, and changed locations five times between 1921 and 1963. It was not before the adaptation of the old town hall that the right conditions could be ensured for storing and sharing the archive’s holdings. However, due to a steady influx of new materials, the archive soon began aching for storage space. The construction of a new building was approved in 2009, and the construction work began in July 2011.

The new building was opened in 2013, and has a total floor area of 2300 m2. It features storage facilities for more than 11 kilometers of records, a reading room with access to the databases and the digitized portion of the holdings, as well as a self-service scanner. There is also an exhibition room, a conference room and records conservation and digitization workshops. The technological solutions and equipment used in the building offer optimal conditions for storing and sharing the holdings.