State Archive in Katowice

The project to rebuild and extend the seat of the State Archive in Katowice is underway. It aims to increase access to cultural resources through an investment concerning:

  • construction of 3 new buildings: 2 repositories (with a total usable area of 3,253 m2) and 1 conference and exhibition building (with a total usable area of 1,490 m2);
  • redevelopment of 3 existing buildings (no. 1, 9 and 10) and connecting them with the newly constructed buildings by communication passages.

The investments will ensure:

  1. proper and safe storage of archives,
  2. free space to be taken over for around 20,000 linear metres of archives after 2026,
  3. extension of the exhibition and popularisation offer of the Archive,
  4. improvement of the working conditions of archivists,
  5. conducting training and presentations within securing the holdings for the entire archiving network.

The net usable area of the new and redeveloped parts of the buildings will be 13,873.42 m2 in total.

The State Archive in Katowice already has the construction design for the project. It is currently preparing a public procurement procedure for the selection of a construction works contractor and for the author’s supervision service. The Archive also obtained the opinion of the State Treasury Solicitors’ Office in the scope of the model agreement for the selection of the construction works contractor.

On 14 June 2023, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage secured additional investment funds in the budget for 2024–2026 in the amount of PLN 92,608,000, intended for the State Archive in Katowice to implement the task entitled ‘Extension and redevelopment of the seat of the State Archive in Katowice’.

The cost of the investment, planned to be completed n 2026, coming entirely from the budget, will amount to PLN 98,163,000.