State Archives in Białystok

The construction of a new building for the State Archives in Białystok, located on A. Mickiewicza Street, began in 2016. The building was handed over on 29 December 2017, and is one of the most technologically advanced archive buildings in Europe.

Its total area is 3633.64 m², with 3071 m² of floor space, 1378.19 m² of built-up area, while the volume of the building is 15,246.70 m³. The archive offers optimal security, environmental and economic conditions for storing documents. The systems used minimize the operating costs while increasing the building’s functionality at the same time. In addition to storage facilities, the new building also features records conservation and digitization workshops, a library, a reading room, a conference room and an exhibition area. This allows the expansion of the archive’s research and education efforts aimed at the residents of the region, as well as all those with an interest in the history of the Podlasie area.

The total cost of the project exceeded 20 million zlotys.