State Archives in Suwałki

The alteration and adaptation of the State Archives in Suwałki involved combining its existing buildings into a single, functional whole. This allowed for optimizing the existing infrastructure and improving its usability. The archive is now capable of storing, preserving and providing users with archival materials, as well as hosting various other activities, for a minimum of 30 more years.

Not only did the project ensure the correct conditions for storing the holdings, but also involved the construction of a state-of-the-art digitization room, a conservation and prevention workshop, a user-friendly reading room and an exhibition and education room. The modernization also made it possible to expand the popularization, research and education efforts of the State Archives.

Thanks to the alterations, the Suwałki building had its floor space doubled, to nearly 2600 m2. The storage rooms feature racks for more than 5700 meters of records, which will be used to store audiovisual, cartography and library holdings.

As a result of the project, one of the most stately buildings in the city avoided falling into ruin.

The total cost was approximately 14 million zlotys. The construction took two years to complete, from 2019 to 2021.